User / Customer Rights

User / Customer’s Rights

Right of Privacy of user / customer data: In the present world of internet and data mining naturally privacy concerns exist with everyone, wherever personally identifiable information or other sensitive information is collected, stored, used, and finally destroyed or deleted – in digital form or otherwise. Improper or non-existent disclosure control can be the root cause for privacy issues. The advent of various search engines and the use of data mining has created a capability for data about individuals to be collected and combined from a wide variety of sources.

Golden-ebuyz is empowered with the application of technical, latest and hi-fi equipment and hardware to protect the user’s privacy preferences and their personally identifiable information by organising the data packets with the usage of computer securitydata security, and information security design and utilize software and stringent non data reversal hardware.

Golden-ebuyz works with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is the next generation of the data security while site browsing and accessing. Golden-ebuyz works to protect the security of the user’s information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input in addition to maintaining security of your information as per the “Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security Management System-Requirements.

In order to safeguard the privacy of the customer’s personal and financial data information, the data packets used in Golden-ebuyz are encrypted. Golden-ebuyz is in the constant approach of safeguarding the browsing of webpages as well as other online activities with the help of trace-less anonymizers.

However, it is important for the users to protect against unauthorised access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when you finish using a shared computer.

For more information to the privacy of data please read the privacy policy in the Policies section on the homepage of the website.

Right to know about the explanation about the complete Golden-ebuyz process: A business process is a collection of tasks, which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. To measure success of a business process, Golden-ebuyz tracks successful completion of different steps within the processes itself. Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving those processes and Golden-ebuyz is constantly striving to improve its business processes.

As a seamless and transparent business entity, Golden-ebuyz also explains the processes followed to its users and patrons. Only the registered users and customers of Golden-ebuyz with a good order history can approach for the broad explanation about the order process and understanding of the process from order placing to successful delivery of the products and other aspects of processes followed in Golden-ebuyz.

Golden-ebuyz stringently follows management processes measure, monitor and control activities to business procedures, systems, governance and strategic planning. With the core business and value chain. With the undertaking of these business processes, Golden-ebuyz is determined to deliver quality and value added services to the user / customer in providing the best of customer service and excellent after sales support.

Right to know about the cost awareness: The ability to integrate cost awareness as a core competency for the management and key decision makers to uncovers new opportunities to identify potential cost savings that were previously invisible, thereby giving the complete business cost saving benefit to the users / customers.

We in Golden-ebuyz understand that purchasing cannot proceed unless a consumer is first aware of a product category and correct product pricing of that product category. Price awareness is a key indicator of the transparent business process followed by Golden-ebuyz. We in Golden-ebuyz understand that price awareness effects the consumer purchasing decisions, our working processes have therefore developed a number of metrics designed to measure brand awareness, price sensitivity and other measures of brand health for the benefit of the customers.

We are in the constant feature of inculcating the price and cost analysis within the organisation. The strength of the cost analysis is based on the following main features followed within the business process:

Consistency of Product price: Golden-ebuyz works on a centralized product price management platform to ensure everyone on the product development team is working with the most up-to-date information, and leveraging previous findings.

Analysis of costing and pricing feedback: From time to time Golden-ebuyz requests the customers with the product costing feedback which greatly expands the potential impact of product cost management, which is helpful in the product pricing and price management of the products on the website / Application.

Golden-ebuyz constantly sends out messages / emailers for the product price awareness and price testing. Golden-ebuyz considers that Price awareness and price testing is a vital source of information to be shared in a transparent manner with the users / customers. Price testing and price awareness presents itself in the form of answers which go far beyond the range of most of the other answers – outliers.

Golden-ebuyz follows the transparent system of PSM (Price Sensitivity Measurement) studies and in constant touch with the users / customers the prices of the products are effectively designed and strategized.

Right to be informed about any change in order quantity: The customer / user has the tight to be informed about the change (if any) in the order quantity. This change can be due to unavoidable circumstances such as non-availability of products, non-standard quality of goods ordered in large quantity.

Feedback / Suggestion: Golden-ebuyz is committed in the pursuit of excellence. In view of this, the users / customers are free to post their feedback / suggestions at the mail Golden-ebuyz also strongly believe in the fact that if the feedback and information sent in by the users / consumers is not understood and applied positively then it is a waste of the productive and precious time of the users / customers.

In order to continuously improve upon the products and service quality, this mail ID is directly monitored by the management. Whatever the feedback / suggestion whether compliment for a successful purchase or very good customer service or for any kind of product or service that can be improved can be sent. The compliments fuel us with the zeal and a will to provide the very best of product quality and the efficient customer service. In the same way, the suggestions for improvement give us the right direction to sway across in the corrective course of detailed action plan that can be formulated by the management to achieve the tactical objectives and further for a prompt and a corrective and qualitative service.

There is also a discretion by Golden-ebuyz to issue discount coupon / promotional e-code to the users with the most appealing and productive feedback / suggestion/s. For more details on the discount coupon or e-code please refer our Policy for applying promotion code on the policies page on the homepage of the website.

Right of Information:  We at Golden-ebuyz acknowledge that the user / customer has the right to seek information pertaining to quality, quantity, purity, standard and price of the goods, products or services. For details on the pricing of the products, the users are advised to visit the website. The users are encouraged to submit in any feedback or suggestion they might have for the improvement of the services or the products. The users agree and understand that no personal or confidential data or information shall be revealed to any customer even if he or she is a registered user.

Golden-ebuyz shares only the information relating to the services or products mentioned on the website / Application. For more details on seeking information and Privacy of data please refer to our Privacy policy mentioned on the Policies section on the home page of the website.