Terms of use

Terms of Use

Golden-ebuyz Website / Application Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use carefully before using or registering on the website or accessing any material, information or services through the website. Your use of the website or the services provided by the website shall signify your acceptance of the terms of use and your agreement to be legally bound by the same. By using this website or any facility or service provided by this website in any way; or by merely browsing the website, you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms of use and the website’s policies available at the policies section on the homepage of the site Golden-ebuyz.

For purposes of this Agreement, a Customer / User is any person who accesses the Site for whatever purpose, regardless of whether said Customer / User has registered on the Site as a registered User or whether said User is a paying customer for a specific service provided by Golden-ebuyz or the user is just visiting or browsing this website. A Customer / User includes the person using or accessing this Site.

These terms and conditions apply to the Web site of Golden-ebuyz. Please read these terms and conditions (the ‘Terms and Conditions’) carefully. IT IS MUTUALLY UNDERSTOOD THAT BY USING THE SITE / Web interface.  THE USER / CUSTOMER AGREE BY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These Terms and Conditions govern your use of, and any purchase from, the, and constitute an agreement between you and Golden-ebuyz and only Golden-ebuyz, RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OR MODIFY ANY OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OR ANY POLICY OR GUIDELINE OF THE SITE AT ANY TIME.

Any change or modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions on the Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of its changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications. If the user / customer does not agree to the amended terms, in that case the user / customer have the option to stop using Golden-ebuyz Website / Mobile Application. 

Golden-ebuyz may amend these Terms of Use at any time by posting the amended and restated Agreement on the Site. The amended and restated Agreement shall be effective immediately upon posting. Posting by Golden-ebuyz of the amended and restated Agreement and the continued usage of the User / Customer of the Site shall be deemed to be acceptance of the amended terms. Golden-ebuyz may launch / change / upgrade / impose conditions to suspend / stop any listed product or Services (or any features within the Services) as listed on the website or application without prior notice.

You may not use the Services and may not accept the Terms if you are not of legal age of 18 years or above to form a binding contract with Golden-ebuyz, or you are not permitted to receive any Services under the Indian laws.

The user understands and agrees that any material or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Golden-ebuyz website is done entirely at their own discretion and risk and if any damage happens on their computer the user will be solely responsible for any damage to their computer systems or loss of data that results from the download of such material or data.

General guidelines for registered users / customers of Golden-ebuyz

Golden-ebuyz is a Website owned and operated by the parent company Xenith Acumen Incorp. This company incorporated under the laws of India. Usage of the website is offered to the user / customer conditioned on acceptance of all the terms, conditions and notices contained in these terms, along with any amendments made by Golden-ebuyz at its sole discretion and posted on the website from time to time.

Golden-ebuyz shall not notify the user / customer, or any registered user or not, of any changes made to the terms of use. The revised terms of use is available on the website. The user / customer’s usage of the website and the services is subject to the most current version of the terms of use made available on the website at the time of such use. Golden-ebuyz may require you to provide your consent to the updated terms of use in a specified manner before prior to any further use of the website and the services is provided on the website. If no such separate consent is sought, the customer’s / user’s continued use of the website, following changes to the terms of use, will constitute your acceptance of those changes.

Golden-ebuyz at its sole discretion reserves the right not to accept a User from registering on the Website without assigning any reason thereof.

Communication from Golden-ebuyz

When you visit the website or application of Golden-ebuyz or send customer requests or product / service request to Golden-ebuyz, you are communicating with Golden-ebuyz electronically and Golden-ebuyz will reply in the same manner. While in this mannerism of electronic communication, it is hereby deemed that the message receiver / user / customer are giving consent to Golden-ebuyz to receive communications from Golden-ebuyz electronically. Golden-ebuyz will communicate with you by e-mail or any other electronic medium by posting notices on this site or by using an electronic messaging platform.

Eligibility to Use the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz

The customer / user of the website Golden-ebuyz represents that you are of legal age (18 years and above) to form a binding contract and are not a person barred from receiving services under the laws as applicable in India.

A minor person (below the age of 18 years) can use the services of the website Golden-ebuyz under the only condition that the order of the product is placed by the parent or guardian and only if the parent or Guardian of the minor uses their own information to log into the website or the payment information of the parent or legal guardian as mentioned under the laws of India. The payment of this type of order has to be done by Debit / Credit card or digital wallet. COD type of payment is not authorised for this order.

Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to refuse access to the sale of products or use the services offered at the website to new or any users or to terminate access granted to existing registered users / customers at any time without according or mentioning any reasons for doing so.

Information on Golden-ebuyz

Golden-ebuyz makes every attempt to ensure that our web site is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give you the opportunity to view our products in great detail, some products may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in our photographs; and since every computer monitor is set differently, colour and size may vary slightly and may differ in sunlight as shoot in studio. Our objective is to provide you with as much information and detail about your prospective purchase as possible so that you can see the beauty and shape of a particular item in compliance with industry standards.

Billing and the pricing mentioned on the website of Golden-ebuyz

The price of the products as mentioned on the website of Golden-ebuyz is the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in Indian Rupees for the said product. Such MRP shall be inclusive of all local taxes as are applicable in India. Additional applicable taxes may be charged depending upon the destination where the order has to be shipped to which shall be specified at the time of purchase before payment is effected by you. The tax rate applied and charged upon the order shall include combined tax rate for both state and local tax rates in accordance with the address where the order is being shipped. However, some Indian states levy incoming octroi charges that are in extra and which are not mentioned on the website. Such octroi are charged as and when the package enters the state. Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to collect taxes and/or such other levy/ duty/ surcharge that it may have to incur in addition to the normal taxes it may have to pay. Golden-ebuyz also charge Delivery Charges which may include postal charges/ shipment charges etc. that may be applicable for your location in India.

Pricing information on the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz and Payment modes instruction

Golden-ebuyz works best to provide you with the best and competitive prices possible on products you buy from the website / Application.

The user agrees and undertakes to provide correct and accurate and his or her own payment mode details such as credit / debit card details or any mobile wallet or any kind of cashless details to the approved payment gateway designated by Golden-ebuyz for the purchase of the products from the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz. The information provided by you will not be utilized or shared with any third party unless required in relation to fraud verifications or by law, regulation or court order. The user / customer will be solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your credit/ debit card or any kind of mobile wallet details.

Golden-ebuyz is absolutely not liable for any kind of claims or further liabilities that may arise as a consequence of any unauthorized use of your credit / debit card / mobile wallet or any kind of cashless transaction.

Golden-ebuyz shall absolutely be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or financial damage or any kind of other damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any transaction, on account of the user or the debit or credit card holder having exceeded the preset limit with our acquiring bank.

Order Cancellation by Golden-ebuyz

The user agrees that due to some unavoidable circumstances there may be times when certain orders having been validly placed may not be processed or dispatched. Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for certain situations.

Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled can include:

  1. Limitations on quantities available for purchase.
  2. Inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information.
  3. Problems identified by our managing / collaborate bank or payment gateway in terms of unsuccessful credit or fraud or unsuccessful payment received.
  4. Any defect regarding the quality of the product which is detected in Golden-ebuyz quality department is not suitable to ship to the user / customer.

We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your credit card/ debit card/ any other mode of payment has been charged, the said amount will be reversed into your Account/ as the case may be to the source of the payment within a stipulated number of days.

Any type of discount voucher, promotional code used in these orders shall be returned and made available to the user in case of cancellation by Golden-ebuyz.

Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to create different access to its website

Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to limit, deny the access to the Site or Application and its features with respect to different Users, or to change any of the features or introduce new features in the website or Application without prior notice. Each User / Customer hereby agrees that in no event shall Golden-ebuyz be liable to the User or any third parties for any inability to use the WebSite.

Services of Golden-ebuyz

The website of Golden-ebuyz is a platform that facilitates to create awareness and online sale of merchandise offered by Golden-ebuyz at a competitive price. The services and products are offered to the users through various modes, which shall include issue of discount coupons, e-vouchers, promotional codes that can be redeemed for various products or services. The detailed information to applying the promotional codes or coupons or vouchers is mentioned in the Applying Promotional Codes Policy and duly listed under the policy section of the website.

User Account, Password, and Security:

It is understood that the user / customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or registered account with Golden-ebuyz. Therefore, the user / customer has to ensure that you exit or logout from your account at the end of each online session. Golden-ebuyz will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Section.

Termination or Suspension of User’s AccountGolden-ebuyz may suspend or terminate a Registered User’s Account at any time by giving no less than 24-hour notice (One day) to the Registered User / customer,

Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to suspend the registered user / customer’s account if there is any breach in the provisions of this Agreement by the Registered User, or Golden-ebuyz has reasonable grounds to suspect that any information provided by a Registered User is untrue, inaccurate or is not current or complete, or if Golden-ebuyz believes that the Registered User’s / customer’s actions may cause financial loss or legal liability to Golden-ebuyz. In this case, Golden-ebuyz reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, to terminate your license to use this site, and to block the user / customer or prevent future your access to and use of the website of Golden-ebuyz. 

No Registered user / customer shall undermine the integrity of the network of Golden-ebuyz

No User shall undertake any scheme to undermine the integrity of the computer systems or networks used by Golden-ebuyz and / or any other User and no user shall attempt to gain unauthorized access to such computer systems or networks. Unauthorized hack of any or part of the network or computer systems or any other electronic medium used by Golden-ebuyz to hack in the customer database or for forgery.

Electronic theft or any other kind of theft for any kind of internal and secure information of Golden-ebuyz shall be deemed as a theft and punishable offence as per the laws of Government of India and Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to report any such kind of hack to the Cyber division of Police or any other law agency of Government of India.

Intellectual property rights

This website and the complete text work, art, graphics or music or any kind of computer code, sounds or visual or text interface and the entire content of Golden-ebuyz are the sole property of Golden-ebuyz. The complete design, structure, look, feel and artwork texture and design is protected by the copyright and trademark laws and intellectual property rights.  

The trademarks, pictures, videos, logos and service marks displayed on the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz are the property of Golden-ebuyz. Any person is not permitted to use the texture and designs in any manner in either written, print, copy, forwarding or any other manner or medium.

Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to block or remove communications or materials that it determines to be abusive, obscene, fraudulent, misleading, in violation of a copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right.

The user / customer agrees that they will not use the Golden-ebuyz website / product listing / service / Mobile Application to infringe or harm the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights of others in any way. Golden-ebuyz will in appropriate circumstances terminate the accounts of Users / customers who are repeat infringers of the copyrights, or other intellectual property rights, or other legitimate rights of others. In addition, Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to terminate the account of a user upon any single infringement of the rights of others in conjunction with use of the Golden-ebuyz website or Application, or if Golden-ebuyz believes that User’s conduct is harmful to the interests of Golden-ebuyz, its affiliates, or other users, or for any other reason in Golden-ebuyz sole discretion.

User general conduct and rules and regulations while using the website / Application Golden-ebuyz and the name of Golden-ebuyz in any of the third party sites or any other web content related to Golden-ebuyz.

You acknowledge and agree that you shall not modify, copy, publish, post, display, translate, transmit, reproduce, distribute or sell any content / information of the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz through any medium whatsoever.

The user agrees and undertake to use the website Golden-ebuyz and the affiliated service or the other third party sites wherever the name of Golden-ebuyz is mentioned only to upload and post the reviews and messages that are proper and complying according to the terms and conditions of Golden-ebuyz.com and government regulations.

A Registered User / Customer or any person viewing or using the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz.com is not permitted to sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, assign or otherwise transfer an Account, User ID or Password to any other person or any third party without the prior written consent of Golden-ebuyz. Golden-ebuyz may suspend or terminate the Account of a Registered User or the transferee of a Registered User in the event of a sale, offer to sell, gift, assignment or transfer is in the violation of terms and use of the website of Golden-ebuyz.

The user further agrees while using the website of Golden-ebuyz or its service, he or she will not defame, abuse, post, upload, distribute any inappropriate, defamatory, obscene or unlawful topic, name, material or information that may contain software, text, pics, videos or any site material protected by the intellectual property laws unless you have received the necessary consent from Golden-ebuyz.com in written format.

You agree and undertake that you will absolutely not upload or distribute files that may contain computer or software virus/es or any kind of corrupted files that may damage the operation of the website or someone else’s computer / smart phone / tablet / palm top / computer PC or laptop or any kind of other listed or unlisted website viewing device.

You agree and undertake that you will not forward any kind of chain sms, whatsapp message, e-mails or any kind of message using any kind of messenger service. You will not forward any kind of spurious or false letters or messages that falsify the website of Golden-ebuyz attributions or violate any of the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions.

Notwithstanding any clause, Golden-ebuyz may refuse registration and deny the issuance of an Account and associated User ID and Password to any User for whatever reason. Golden-ebuyz reserves the right to revoke and suspend the registered User ID and password associated with Golden-ebuyz.

User guarantee for the content entered in the website

By entering the information in the website / Application of Golden-ebuyz.com the user / customer guarantees that he or she is the sole owner of the content, which you fill in or submit in the website. The user / customer further agrees that he or she the authorised owner of the information entered in the website and if the registered user / customer is filling in for the minor person (Less than 18 years of age or the age conditions and restrictions laid down by the government of India) you are authorised to use the contents and information that does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.

Golden-ebuyz relation with its users / buyers of the products

Despite the provision of the platform through the Site / Application, Golden-ebuyz.com does not represent the Supplier of the products in specific transactions or in any kind of the links via the Site / Application. No sales agency relationship is created between any Supplier and Golden-ebuyz, our affiliates, directors, officers or employees.Users are hereby made aware that there may or can be risks of dealing with people acting under false pretences. Golden-ebuyz.com cannot control and is not liable to or responsible for the availability of the products or services offered for sale displayed on the spurious Site.

Golden-ebuyz customer care

Golden-ebuyz is always there to support for its user and customer for any kind of support. For any kind of support pertaining only to the orders, please email us on custcare@Golden-ebuyz.com.  Apart from this, there is a Whats app number flashed on the home page of the website and a whats app icon ion the home page. The users / customers can also send us their query through whats app. We are in the process of adding the customer care phone number to cater to the customer needs. Please note that any of the whats app chat will not be recorded and the user / customer has to treat every chat as the new chat. The user / customer understands that he or she will not give any reference of the previous whats app chat.

Limitation of Liability

Although Golden-ebuyz.com site uses latest machines / software / antivirus / processes, but still any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Site of Golden-ebuyz.com is done at each User’s sole discretion and risk and each User is solely responsible for any damage to its computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.

Further, you agree to hold Golden-ebuyz.com harmless against your violation of the terms of use, or your violation of any rights of another, including any intellectual property rights.

Golden-ebuyz’s entire liability to you under this terms of use or otherwise shall be the refund of the money charged from you for any specific order, voucher of product under which any kind of unlikely liability arises. Golden-ebuyz.com may not return the shipping and packing charges.

In no event shall Golden-ebuyz.com its officers, directors, employees, will be liable to the registered user / customer or any person viewing the website or mobile application, in any manner for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential damages whatsoever, including those resulting from loss of use of the website / Application or loss of any kind of data or in connection with your use of or access to the website / Application, or related materials.

Cardholder Payment Liability

Golden-ebuyz as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the usage of the Debit or Credit card or mobile wallet. For this the registered user / customer has to contact the concerned bank from where the credit or debit card has been issued. In the case of mobile wallet the user has to contact the mobile wallet company.

Same exactness of the product is not guaranteed.

Golden-ebuyz does not guarantee the exactness as to the finish and appearance of the final Product mentioned on the website or the Application and that ordered by the user / customer. Alterations to the products are eminent on the website and the application such as the size, colour, material etc. This may be done due to limitations caused by availability of product from the source.

Disclaimer of warranties & liability

The user understands and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law that

Golden-ebuyz products are listed on an “on-going” and on an “as is” basis.

Golden-ebuyz will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a consequence of unauthorized use of your account or account information in connection with the website / Application that may be either with or without your knowledge.

Golden-ebuyz has always strived and also is in continuous pursuit to ensure that all the information on the website is correct, but Golden-ebuyz neither warrants nor makes any representations regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data, information or product.

Golden-ebuyz disclaimer for Website / Application usage and periodic updations

In order to keep technologically abreast with the latest requirements Golden-ebuyz will strive to keep the website / Application updated. However, Golden-ebuyz will absolutely not be responsible for the delay or inability to use the website / Application, software, products, functionalities and related graphics obtained through the website, or otherwise arising out of the use of the website.

Further, Golden-ebuyz shall not be held responsible for non-availability of the website during periodic maintenance operations or any unplanned temporary suspension of access to the website / Application that may occur due to technical reasons or for any reason beyond the control of Golden-ebuyz.

The user understands and agrees that any material or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the website is done entirely at their own discretion and risk and they will be solely responsible for any damage to their computer systems or loss of data that results from the download of such material or data. Golden-ebuyz is not responsible for any typographical error leading to an invalid coupon.

Violation of the terms of use

The user agrees and undertakes that Golden-ebuyz may, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, terminate your access to the website and block your future access to the website if Golden-ebuyz determines that you have violated these terms of use or additional terms.

Shipping Charges

The Shipping charges as mentioned on the website of Golden-ebuyz are the combination of the shipping fee charged by the shipping partner / courier and an addition of handling and packing the products that is purchased by the user. For further information, please refer to our Shipping & Payment Policy on the Policies section of the homepage.

Package Handling Charges

The package handling charges charged by Golden-ebuyz are intended to compensate for the cost of processing your order, handling and packing the products you purchase. For further information, please refer to our Shipping & Payment Policy on the Policies section of the homepage.

Changes in the Policies of Golden-ebuyz from time to time

From time to time Golden-ebuyz may update the policies without any prior notice. Your continued subscription to our Services constitutes an acceptance of the then-current Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so we encourage you to visit this page periodically to review any changes.

Limitation of LiabilityIn no event shall the founders, members, employees or authorized agents of Golden-ebuyz be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data, whether in an action in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of our site the products and services, or the content contained in or accessed through our site, including without limitation any damages caused by or resulting from reliance by user on any information obtained from or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or email, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation or transmission or any failure of performance, whether or not resulting from acts of god, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to records, programs or services. 

Forces Majeure

Under no circumstances shall Golden-ebuyz be held liable for any delay or failure or disruption of the content, products or services delivered through the Site / Application resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, Internet failures, computer, telecommunications or any other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labour or materials, fires, flood, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals or non-performance of third parties.