MD Speaks

This e-commerce website is the prime project initiated by the parent organization Xenith Acumen InCorp. Golden-ebuyz has been initiated to provide to the users best quality of bike accessories and safety products and also findable and unfindable handicraft products thereby keeping the tradition of India and the Arcticians alive. Providing quality products has been a mission of Golden-ebuyz.

Golden-ebuyz has been basic structured around four pillars, which are also the basic guidelines of this organization. The four pillars on which Golden-ebuyz has been structured are:

  1. Sincerity and Integrity
  2. Commitment
  3. Quality driven approach
  4. User / Customer satisfaction.

We focus on the real-world methodology keeping into consideration the real time requirements of the users / customers thereby working par excellence on the cutting edge digital B2C and B2B platform. We also cult to provide technology driven audio-visual based product knowledge in terms of customized knowledge data centre for male and female bikers, also for patrons of arts and handicrafts and other stakeholders of this entire framework of supply chain system.

We understand the fact that it is the quality of our products, methodology and complete Golden-ebuyz process and the one to one relation with the users is the key parameter area that binds the users and also this are the key parameters by which the users are bind to us and consider us as the reliable partner for Bike safety products, accessories and handicraft products.

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our users / customers starts with our team of smart, capable Customer Care experts. This team has come from a diverse set of experiences and is quiet equipped with complete database of knowledge ranging from Customer Care Management, After sales support, Latest Market trends and awareness, E-Commerce management, Channel Management, Supply Chain Management, IT Management, Logistics Management and Golden-ebuyz site admin Management.

With the personal approach, we help the user in the entire  process of e-buying and helping the user / customer from the first stage of placing the order with us and our partnership with the user not only continues till the time the product is received to the customer. Golden-ebuyz also extends its support to the user / customer for seamless after sales support or for any kind of other query.

Golden-ebuyz works in the state-of-art infrastructure and we are empowered with the application of technical, latest and hi-fi equipment and hardware to protect the user’s privacy preferences and their personally identifiable information by organising the data packets with the usage of computer securitydata security, and information security design and utilize software and stringent non data reversal hardware.

Golden-ebuyz works with Secure Sockets Layer which is the next generation of the data security while site browsing and accessing. Golden-ebuyz works to protect the security of the user’s information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input in addition to maintaining security of your information as per the "Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security Management System-Requirements.

The complete Golden-ebuyz ambience is perfectly suited to all users of any age group. This window and the experience of Golden-ebuyz inspires the bikers be it male or female bike riders who take the biking as their passion and not only ride their bikes within the city but also dare to ride across countryside, over the hills, short rides, long rides, mud riding, off-roading, bike drifting etc.

Golden-ebuyz also inspires the users and patrons with variety of handicraft products for home and office décor suiting every mood and flavour of festival and every occasion.

I look forward to for the stronger alliance with the users and focussed to create highly solution based processes and contributing to the growth of Handicraft industry and also extend my reach to all the male and female bikers who look forward for quality approach be it in products or stronger policies and seamless customer service.

Thank you all.

Rupinder Khurana

MD and CEO

Xenith Acumen Incorp

Parent organization of Golden-ebuyz