Rupinder Khurana:

Rupinder Khurana is the master brain behind the entire conceptualizing this E-commerce domain. After completing his education in Business Administration, he has pursued his passion in Information Technology, specializing in Digital Electronics and Networking and has worked with SAP servers under various IT programs. He has also undergone an Affiliation Program in Business Administration and is the chief Strategist, Founder & Managing Director of Golden-ebuyz. He is the brain and master behind the conceptualization of this enterprise and carries more than two decades of  hard-core, multi-functional management experience into varied businesses in the I.T, Logistics and E-commerce sector having worked with leading corporate giants in the healthcare sector and IT, Safety and E-commerce industrial segments. In one of his early assignment, he had an opportunity to work with the giant of e-commerce and now with the combined varied experience into the multi-functional sectors he now provides his expertise into the e-commerce, customer care, logistics, sourcing and management of this enterprise.

Apart from the strong business and commercial acumen, he is passion driven in the biking world and undertakes short and long rides on his heavy bike in city and across the cities and states for a trip for sporting and adventure and has tremendous knowledge to the biking world so this is where the idea of the spreading the biking knowledge and safety awareness across all generations sparked up. This had just started as a spark and this spark soon turned out into a brand new idea to spread the awareness of the bike accessories, safety, speed and maintenance of the light and heavy bikes and apart from the biking world also sparked the idea of findable and unfindable decorative as well as hand-made handicraft items and products for home and office decorations to suit all moods, festivals and occasions.

Preeti Khurana:

Preeti Khurana is Co-Founder of Golden-ebuyz. She shares the vision of creating a platform for providing the decorative findable and unfindable items and products for the home, offices, business centres, hospitals, hotels and corporates. Upon completing her education, Preeti went on to pursue her IT course and career and updated IT knowledge from the giant of IT industry with specialization in Office IT, spread sheet, Software Programming and IT related art work, and have been following her dream of fine arts ever since. She has a great passion with the work of home, decorative and commercial art. During this phase, she has actually put her professional training and experience into actual practice and has fetched her many laurels in the competitions. She has worked with leading educational institutions as an educator in the field of education, fine arts, software and IT and have undertaken many art works in her work tenure. Her work in fine art has led the institutions win many laurels and awards in the competitions. Her vision is that this entire world is a canvas, which is ready to fill colours of life into the God’s creation.

Her dedication and passion in the creativity in the world of fine art, commercial art and craft has triggered the inception of introducing the decorative and delicate hand-made and handicraft products and the handmade decorative items in Golden-ebuyz for home, office and shopping centre decorations to suit all moods and occasions. With this thought and strategic vision, Preeti took charge to ultimately paint the world with decorative happiness and provide jubilance and brightness to the world in every occasion. She is very firm on her thoughts and decisions of a positive productivity and yet extremely open to ideas and feed-back, Preeti is the back-bone of the entire operations of Golden-ebuyz by providing the necessary support to its entire frame-work.