Handicrafts artefacts and how are they made

The crafts of India have been valued throughout time; their existence today proves the efforts put into their benevolence, preservation and creation. The bitter truth is that the present rising costs of materials and supplies have placed many of these craft communities and artisans in financial struggle.

Golden-ebuyz is committed to bring out and revive the aging art of the hand making of the unique handicraft products. The wide variety and range of accessories and Gorgeous, humanly cultivated handicrafts designs that are all truly organic, hand-made, equally balanced and beautifully executed. Each piece depicted on Golden-ebuyz is a result of wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. These pieces of the hand-made handicraft work are delicately placed by hand on the piece work and each piece takes more than couple of days to completely finish and bring out the radiance and the perfection in every design. The delicate touch of the hand-made designs and the varied range of accessories have contributed to the rich outcome and artistic creativity of each product that make Golden-ebuyz stand out from rest of the crowd and truly unique.

The handicraft experts and the artisans toil hours daily in order to bring out the perfection and the exact blend of the beautiful creativity and elegance uniqueness in each piece of work craft. Craft artisans associated with Golden-ebuyz see this not as an occupation, but rather a mark of respect to their elder generations who have dedicated themselves in the creation of such fine pieces of art and also the artisans dedicate each piece of creation to their rich heritage. In the process of creation of the artistic pieces, each piece is uniquely treated by methods such as tie-dyeing; resist dyeing and direct application of gems on the raw structure.