About Us

About us: Hello and welcome to Golden-ebuyz, this is a prime venture by Xenith Acumen Incorp. Golden-ebuyz is the place to find the best products for two-wheeler safety and accessories and culture handicrafts products for every taste, mood and occasion. We thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product. We at Golden-ebuyz believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. However, most importantly, we believe that shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to you regardless of where you are located in India. Golden-ebuyz an e-commerce venture has been incorporated keeping into view the adventure spirit and culture home care of the families, Golden-ebuyz is a project initiated by the founder Rupinder Khurana and his wife Preeti Khurana. The objective of this e-commerce enterprise is to encourage both males & females of all ages to keep up with their bike riding spirit and dream not just short distances but also take their bike to longer frontiers and farther horizons. Golden-ebuyz work on the strong key pointers that help us to achieve the objective and focus on which this corporation has been formed. These key enablers that  help us achieve this objective are
  • Cutting-edge Digital B2B and B2C Platform
  • Sustainable technology-driven and audio visual based product knowledge.
  • Customized knowledge data centre for male and female bikers, also for patrons of arts and handicrafts and other stakeholders of the supply chain system.
These 3-key enablers would create a unique and complete knowledge based assess of the website www.golden-ebuyz.com for registered user / customers and other stakeholders and this knowledge driven database in the overall would impact millions of bikers and their families, patrons of art and handicrafts who strive to safeguard the dying art and culture of India and other entrepreneurs in years to come. Headquartered in New Delhi, Golden-ebuyz currently is operational only from the Headquarters; however, we plan to expand this in other major locations across India & poised to expand significantly very soon, with robust infrastructure with substantial corporate client base. The initiators of this e-commerce enterprise have set out to create a world full of frolic and the spread of biking safety education for the professional and wannabe male and female bike riders and for the corporate industry and for home decor. Apart from the genuine bike accessories, Golden-ebuyz also offer wide variety and range of hand-made decorative accessories and humanly cultivated handicrafts designs, which are truly organic, balanced and beautifully executed. The delicate touch of the hand-made designs and the varied range of accessories for the bikers have contributed as the rich outcome and artistic creativity that make Golden-ebuyz truly unique and stand out of the crowd.  
Mission: To provide world-class products with a humane touch, thereby providing high quality products with superior customer service, encouraging innovation and creativity and ensure equal access of the resources.  

Vision: In the time to come Golden-ebuyz has a vision to emerge as a connoisseur in the two-wheeler safety  domain by providing affordable world-class biking safety mechanisms, accessories and also scheduling certain biking events in spreading the word of bike riding safety. Golden-ebuyz also takes pride in the rich Indian heritage and culture and further aims to be a trend setter, in providing gorgeous handmade and humanly cultivated handicrafts designs which are truly organic, balanced and beautifully executed and best suited to every taste and occasion and festival very affordable for common household and corporates alike.   Golden-ebuyz aims to be a trailblazer in both innovation and design and will lead the industry in quality, exquisite and high-class products.